Cash for Work Program for Rural Development and Livelihood Enhancement Project- M&E Specialist - 12 person months (Intermittent Basis)

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M&E Specialist

Project Coordination and Management Unit (PCMU), MEF (EA), Cash for Work

Program for Rural Development and Livelihood Enhancement Project

12 person months (Intermittent Basis)

Objective and Scope of the Assignment

The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has recently approved the Cash for Work Program for Rural Development and Livelihood Enhancement Project. The project development objective is to help reduce poverty, improve livelihood and welfare of rural people and poor farmers by providing short-term job opportunities through cash for work program, which will not only support short-term livelihood, but also enable to increase capital for investment in agriculture or other related businesses, and improving agriculture and rural infrastructure. The project will support 12 of the Country’s 25 provinces.

The project coordination and monitoring unit (PCMU) is within the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) as the executing agency for the Project. A small team of individually recruited consultants will be engaged to assist the PCMU with Output 4: Project Management and Facilitation. This involves providing assistance and support to implement overall project management, monitoring and coordination of all implementation activities under the Project. The consultants will assist the PCMU with its day-to-day operations and supervision of the Project.

The M&E specialist, who is one of the key individual consultants, will work closely with all the project implementing agencies to develop methodologies and data collection instruments for monitoring and evaluation of the overall economic and social impacts of the project investment.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The M&E Specialist will have a graduate qualification in development economics or social science (higher qualification is an advantage), with at least 5 years relevant background and experience in monitoring and evaluation of government projects in Cambodia. The candidate must have demonstrated experience in designing and implementing M&E systems in a multi- faceted Project.

Detailed Tasks:

The Specialist will deliver the specific tasks as follows:

(i) Develop methodologies, data collection instruments, and analytical procedures for monitoring and evaluation of the subprojects economic and social impacts;

(ii) Assist with the establishment of relevant subproject benchmark data, and plan and supervise the collection and any additional benchmark data required through provincial situation analysis;

(iii) Train relevant Government National and Provincial Staff in data collection procedures as required during project implementation;

(iv) Plan and supervise the regular collection of data to monitor and evaluate the effects on poverty reduction and the economic benefits of provided rural and agriculture infrastructure, and the effects of livelihoods of the people;

(v) Plan and supervise the regular collection of data to monitor and evaluate the level of direct employment generated under the project, and the targeting of this employment at the poor, including the disadvantaged and women;

(vi) Plan and manage the conduct of surveys and studies, to assess the impact of project investments on poverty reduction in the project area;

(vii) Design and manage the conducting of special studies of the economic and social impacts as required, including preparation of terms of references;

(viii) Carry out the analysis of the data collected;

(ix) Prepare a reporting schedule for the approval of the PCMU that facilitates the progressive assessment of the project’s development objectives; and

(x) Prepare the reports according to the approved schedule, reporting progress and any issues of concern.

(xi) undertaking any other financial management and coordination activities, as necessary, and assigned by the Project Manager and the Project Director.